How many books will there be in The Alex Hayden Chronicles?

Alex has a long journey ahead of him as he continues to try to evade the clutches of Lord Chlothar and discover whether the counter curse is a reality.  The outline is for seven books in total.

Are we going to have any prequel books, to learn about the past of the different characters?

It’s an interesting idea that has been raised by readers.  Michael is talking with the different characters to see if they want their hidden pasts revealed.

Will there be a sequel to For The Lost Soul?

Joe’s journey was always destined to be a standalone story.  However, the angels and demons in Michael’s head refuse to rule out a follow up tale.

Michael released a series of anti-bullying poetry.  Why was that?

He remembered certain experiences at school, and is very disappointed that bullying still exists and is tolerated by the authorities.  He is an advocate of anti-bullying programmes, joining up with before they closed their doors, and has ties with I’m Bully Free in the USA.

Can I buy a signed copy of his books?

Yes you can.  By clicking on the book, you will see a button where you can order a personalised signed copy. Make sure you comment with your name, or a message that you want Michael to write and you will receive a personally signed copy.

Can I ask Michael any questions?

Of course you can.  Michael loves to hear from his readers.  Simply use the contact form and Michael will respond.  If the question is a good one, it will appear here on the FAQs.