For The Lost Soul

After years of relentless bullying, teenager Joseph Harris is close to despair. When he is assaulted at school on his sixteenth birthday, both his teachers and parents ignore his pleas for help. Seeing no other choice, he takes his own life to end his misery. Expecting to be damned to Purgatory, Joe awakens in Limbo where he is offered the chance of redemption. He is tasked to save the soul of an innocent child, one at the centre of a battle between God and the Devil. At stake, the souls of all the Lost Youth, the bullied children who have taken their own lives and are damned to Hell. As the child grows, the Forces of Hell send their top General to torment the boy, to drive him to follow Joe's fate, while Joe combats the threat with his own growing power and understanding of the Ethereal World. Finding allies and enemies in unusual forms, Joe struggles to keep the child, Adam, from falling into the hands of Satan and his Demon host as they seek to capture the Soul Key, which is blocking their entry back into Heaven. As Angels, Fallen Ones and Demons gather, the fulfillment of an ancient prophecy lead the celestial forces to battle "For The Lost Soul".

5 stars – Great book!

I really enjoyed this book. It's dark and deals with some difficult issues, like bullying and suicide, but instead of sounding like a tacky Lifetime movie about high school drama, it's a supernatural thriller and an epic battle between good and evil. Great book!

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5 stars – A story of hope

This was a great story of hope and good overcoming all. This has a different twist on things being a supernatural novel but it isn't so far out there that it is totally unbelievable. I couldn't put this book down as I had to know what was going to happen next. A must read story for all.

5 stars – Well done to the author

Knowing the subject of this book I cautiously started reading. I soon got caught up with the characters and went on an emotional roller coaster with each turn of the page. Uncomfortable to read in parts but it was never going to be a 'once upon a time' story. Well written and very well researched. Looking forward to the next Michael Andrews book.

4 stars – Not always a comfortable read

I have just finished For The Lost Soul, it was a very good read and for a first novel well written with interesting characters. Certainly some of the violence metered out on the boys did not make for comfortable reading but clearly it would not have worked without it.
I enjoyed all the characters and whilst religious fantasy would not have been my first choice I'm very pleased I bought the book.

4 stars – Dark Supernatural thriller

For the Lost Soul certainly has an original premise. I admit I have a soft spot for books that use mythological, biblical, heavenly etc figures to explore the human condition. Without adding spoilers, the story really kicks into gear at the moment Lucifer is described as becoming ‘The Devil’ as a result of some kind of celestial bullying. And so begins an extraordinary battle between heaven and hell with angels and demons, set on Earth and in purgatory, with the tragic figure of Joseph Harris caught in the middle.

The plot is well conceived, and maintained my interest throughout. A word of caution about this cautionary tale though; it is filled with emotionally painful subject matter and not recommended for the faint-hearted; bullying, suicide, loss, sexual assault, and acts of bigotry and inhumanity. Michael Andrews has been quite clever to package this material up as a supernatural thriller. And there's a sweet unexpected twist at the end which ties up all the loose threads - a nice reward for joining Joe on his dark journey.

4 stars – Angels and demons battle over souls

This imaginative tale has a full cast of characters from earth, heaven, purgatory, and hell. Beneath the coming and goings of humans, angels and demons is a cautionary tale of how bullying can adversely influence, ruin,and even end young lives.

At times a sad and painful read as the actions of deprived humans are worked into the plot nonetheless the tale is always interesting. The protector of the soul of an innocent child has quite a battle on his hands as he faces off against Yeqon, one of Lucifer's top Generals.

This is a well written and thought provoking book that goes far into the world of the supernatural. As the author's first book it is a remarkable achievement.