The Alex Hayden Chronicles

Under a Blood Moon

When Detective Harry Shepherd stops a young teenager throwing himself from the end of Blackpool pier, he has little idea that the world around him would change forever. As the boy scampers away, he vows to discover why the lad was so willing to die.

However, Alex Hayden is no ordinary teenager, but one with an insight into the multiple murders that are occurring within the town. Sensing a loss within the soul of Detective Shepherd, he becomes embroiled in the search to stop the killer at the risk of exposing his own secret.

As the worlds of mortals and the paranormal collide, Alex and Harry battle to stop the vampire pack from achieving their goal of forming an army that would rip apart the fragile balance between the two worlds.

Under A Blood Moon is the first book in the Alex Hayden Chronicles.

Amazon Reviews

5 stars – Action packed thriller

I hesitate sometimes when choosing vampire stories, but after I read the first chapter of this one, I knew I was going to love it. The story is told in a modern setting from the vampire's point of view. He's something of an anti-hero with his own guidance system of right and wrong. An ancient vampire with Jedi mind trick abilities, what's not to love? A fascinating character through and through.

With a group of murderers on the loose, the main plot was intriguing and held my focus well. But the flashbacks into Alexander's past were the most intriguing to me. As a fan of historical fiction and fantasy tales of the middle ages, these passages spoke volumes to me. I'd love to read a true prequel, living out the vampire's past.

It gets a little gruesome at parts, so if you're squeamish, you've been warned. I didn't think the violence was over the top. It fit well with the vampire genre. There is also strong language, but it isn't just casually dropped. It's used in the heat of the moment where it belongs.

An action-packed thriller that should appeal to a wide audience, I'd recommend this to readers of fantasy and mystery alike. The action scenes are plentiful and very well written, and they definitely keep the reader glued to the book.

5 stars – A very interesting read

It is one of those books that captivates your attention from the starting till end. I have always been a fan of mysteries of our world, one of them being the existence of Vampires hence it was natural for me to be more curious about what the author Michael Andrews has to say in this book, even though this book is a piece of fiction. The story is intriguing and the plot was put together pretty nicely that kept me hooked to the book all the way. Overall I give this book 4.5 stars.

5 stars – Action, adventure and mystery

Very enjoyable novel! This caught my attention and had my interest peaked from the very first page.
Mr. Andrews did a wonderful job of bringing back some of the traditional vampire legends while adding new and interesting twist! The idea of the sun walk and the ritual under the blood moon were very intriguing.
Alex is a new vampire ti love. The old soul in a childs body who has lost it all, yet finds a new purpose in life promises a new life of adventure. His knowledge and slight attitude make for a great fast pace read. The author has done an amazing job telling us Alex's story, putting together a great plot (as well as setting up interest for future books), and has a knack for character development.
Thanks to Michael Andrews for sharing his imagination with the world and I fir one am hooked! Can't wait for the next installment in Alex's adventures.

I would recommend this to anyone who enjoys vampire novels or anything paranormal, to the who enjoy action, adventure, mystery, and an all around good fast paced read.

4 star – Vampire adventures

"Under A Blood Moon", the first in a new series, is a modern day vampire tale set in Europe. Our protagonist, Alexander, a long-lived vampire, is out to defend the town against a group of invading vampires.

I found that the pacing and writing style pulled me into the book and made me want to find out more. The book had the right amount of detail to keep me interested, and just enough backstory to give me what I needed (but not too much).

For the most part, the characters were well played out. However, Harry's seeming easy acceptance of Alexander's identity, and the world of vampires seemed out of touch with what I would expect in a non-vampire type of character. Harry acted odd in other ways as well, leaving me perplexed.

Some parts of the book reminded me of a Twilight retread, but without the romantic element. So if you like the vampire teen adventures, you'll probably enjoy this one.

4 Stars - Review

Actual Rating: 4.5 Stars

I want you guys to know that I can rate a book very poorly and I won't care at ALL about what the author would say. But, this was a case in which I REALLY liked/loved this book.

This book is the first one in the Alex Hayden Chronicles . It is the story of a boy named Alexander/Alex Hayden, who is a vampire. He has a teenager's body but actually has lived more than a thousand years. He was about to kill himself near the beach, before the dawn, when Detective Harry enters into the story who recently lost his son and due to this, he has concern for Alex. Alex sensed the feeling of loss in the detective's soul, so decided to hang on for a while. Doing so, he got to know about the murders taking place in Blackpool (the area) in which corpses of headless women in their early twenties were being discovered frequently. Alex knows that this is not something to be easily ignored and requires his attention.

IMPORTANT: During a lunar eclipse, the moon turns red. It is thus, also called A BLOOD MOON.

I do not have any hesitation to say that this is my first ever Vampire book! However, I faced NO PROBLEM AT ALL! I got to know a lot about vampires, the people of their KIN, their abilities, their powers, their disabilities, witches, warlocks etc. The action is FAN-TAS-TIC! The characters are amazingly described and have important roles in the story. The scenes in the book are written so amazingly that you'll get to watch them come alive inside your head.

By the time you finish the book about 70%, twists occur in the story for the ending to take place. You will get desperate to know, WHAT HAPPENS NEXT after each chapter. Some of you might even get goosebumps. Believe me, you definitely wouldn't want to read this book at night, like I did (till 3:00am). The epilogue was like a shock to me, and I got a bit scared (maybe the night time was the culprit!)...

CONCLUSION: Even if you're not a fantasy or vampire book fan, you SHOULD read this book, because the setting of this book in a NORMAL state in England. You're going to love it, believe me. This book deserves your read!

4 Stars - A beguiling adventure featuring our favorite bloodsuckers of the night

Long before Bram Stoker penned his legendary work, vampires have existed in legend. Writers have since put their spin on this timeless genre, whipping up wicked creations of the most famous undead fiends of them all and romanticizing them into tales that stir the imagination. Unfortunately, more recent works of fiction featuring glamorized vampires that bear little relation to the frightening creatures of European origin have made me take a step back from the genre. So it is with great relief and joy that I was able to read Under a Blood Moon by Michael Andrews. Although updated for a modern audience, the vampires populating this story are still terrifying, if not surprisingly noble, and even heroic, at times.

There is a great deal of action in this story which can sometimes be predictable and uninspired in other similar books. But I was impressed with how well thought out the fight scenes were. There wasn’t any of the usual mindless hacking and slashing--or biting. Rather, the fights had gravity and an emotional weight to them, further endearing readers to Alex and his companions. In some tales, the action is contrived, over-the-top, and forced. But the action scenes in this book were a natural outcome of the events in the story, just as it should be.

Even though the characters were fun to read about, the plot was the real star of this book. I never got a sense that the story lacked purpose. Rather, every scene built upon the last and foreshadowed a looming major event. The careful and judicious use of flashbacks, added flavor to the story, rather than distracted from it. The world building is excellent and I can definitely see myself wanting to continue the story beyond the pages of this book.

If you’re a fan of real vampire fiction (and not the ones where vampires sparkle), I’d recommend this book to you. If the sequels are as good as this one, then it’s definitely a series to pick up.